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Web Accessibility Conformance Statement
Q1. I can't see the Web Page properly on my screen?
A1. This Web Site is optimized using Internet Explorer 4.0 or above and Netscape 4.7 or above.
The screen resolution is 800 x 600 pixels.
Q2. When I print the Web Page, images and text on the right hand side are not printed?
A2. This Web Site provides text only version which allow you to print the whole Web Site text contents in one A4 sized page.

For images inside "view catalogue" section, you can save the image to local and print the image using other software like "Paint Brush" in Windows.
To save the image in Internet Explorer, "Right Click" on the image and choose "Save Picture As..." in the menu.
To save the image in Netscape, "Right Click" on the image and choose "save this image as" in the menu.
Q3. Some Chinese characters are displayed as a square box in the Web Page, how can I solve it ?
A3. The square boxes issue is due to Hong Kong characters. To solve it, you must install the "Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set".
This software can be downloaded from http://www.info.gov.hk/digital21/eng/hkscs/terms2.html.

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