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Back to the Top It aims to train up coaches, sports administrators and sports co-ordinators to provide voluntary service in sports activities organised by schools, NSAs or the LCSD. Teachers, secondary school students and parents are welcome to join the Programme. The LCSD will award certificates to participants with devoted service as a token of encouragement.


The programme consists of the following three categories:

  (A) Sports Administration:
1. Organisation of sport competitions and sports administration work (6-8)
2. Fitness Trainee Scheme (4)
  (B) Sport Referee: Basketball (31), football (8), volleyball (20), badminton (12) and track & field (15)
  (C) Sport Instructor: Basketball (16), football (20), volleyball (20), badminton (21), table tennis (20), fencing (20) and tenpin bowling (12)
  1. Sports Administration is a compulsory course.
  2. The figures in brackets refer to course duration.
  3. Fitness Trainee Scheme is designed for Form 3 or above students, teachers and parents only.
  After completion of training, trainees have to take up voluntary sports services in schools, NSAs or sports agencies and work the required service hours for all the badges within three years. The school should appoint a teacher as instructor during the service hours and to keep record of the service hours in the ¡§Sport Captain Programme Service Book¡¨ for application for the following certificate of badges.
  The service hours and deadlines for application for various certificates are as follows:
Areas of service
Service hours and deadlines for application for various certificate of badges.
No. of service hours required within 1 year
No. of service hours required within 2 years
No. of service hours required within 3 years
Sports Administration
Sport Referee
Sport Instructor

Remarks: Sport Captain must obtain a basic certificate of badge before starting to accumulate the required number of service hours before he/she can apply for a certificate of badge of next higher level.
Target Group and Quota: Secondary school can recommend students, teachers and parents to take part in the course, no limitation on quota for each school. However, if the participant is more than our quota, LCSD will use balloting methods to allocate the participant.
Date: The sport captain training courses are held between July and August every year (The Track and Field Referee Training Course is held between December.) Relevant information such as time schedule for lessons will be sent to schools separately.

Please refer to the prospectus for details.

Enrolment Method: School should sent the duly completed Sport Captain Programme Enrolment Form to the School Sports Programme Unit by fax (Fax No.: 2684 9076) or by post (Address: 1/F, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters, 1-3 Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin).

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